Issue 1, 2019. February-March


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Caucasus University shares the values of corporate social responsibility and recognizes the necessity of responsible management of the organization, which includes the charity activities carried out by the University and the students.

Every year we participate in Wings for Life, World Run; the raised fund will be used for vital research into spinal cord injury carried out at the world leading universities.

This year Caucasus University has become a co-builder of Knowledge Cafe in Tsnori; regional development is of essential importance for us which was why we joined in building the educational space.

This year on our green campus we joined the New Year campaign - Do not Cut - Decorate - conducted by the Ministry of Environment with support of Tbilisi Municipality City Hall aiming at prevention of cutting down pine trees.

In Georgian educational arena Caucasus University was the first organization which as early as in 2011 started offering courses in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Law.

Caucasus University helps homeless children and socially vulnerable households. When and if necessary, the University administration and the students join to help these families with clothes and financial resources.

The students help socially vulnerable households living in the border regions.

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