Issue 1, 2019. February-March


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The Alexander Kartveli Association (a Georgian not for profit company/ has been creating awareness about Alexander Kartveli since 2014 using rare and curated information it has developed and supporting science initiatives such as the recent Voyager II celebration held in Georgia and hosted by the US Embassy. Our work encourages young students to pursue STEM studies especially among women girls and disadvantaged minorities who have less access to resources. Additionally, the Georgian Embassy in Washington DC and the Kartveli Association is hosting a series of speakers throughout 2018/2019 on trending STEM themes including timely and relevant developments in space flight, computer sciences, technology innovation and the role of innovation and startups.

The Association sponsored the movie - "The Song"-- which documents the impact that memorialization of Georgian culture into space has made on everyday people's lives. Present at the film screening of The Song were Acting Ambassador Elizabeth Rood, Robert Manning and John Casani from NASA's Voyager and Mars Rover programs. Replicas of the Golden record which contained the Georgian song sent into space were given to them below.

John Casani and Robert Manning in Georgia

Madeline Albright and Tom Daschle visits the Erisioni Dance Company dance company

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