Issue 5, 2013. October-November



The National English Spelling Competition (NESC) is an exciting nationwide contest that provides students in 8th to 12th grades with the opportunity to both improve their English and represent themselves by spelling challenging English vocabulary words. This competition is a unique and exciting opportunity for both Georgian youth and teachers to improve English ability and be part of a nationwide contest.

The competition is organized by a Georgian NGO with the assistance of American volunteers. It is the first competition of its kind in Georgia and is already backed by well-known partners such as Free University and British Petroleum.

In fact, this competition gives a great opportunity to potential partners to reach a nationwide audience of youth and teachers. At the same time, this competition, which occurs at the local, regional, and national levels, gives Georgian schoolchildren a fun way to improve their English spelling and vocabulary.

All school students in 8th through 12th, whose schools registered will have the opportunity to participate in the National English Spelling Competition. The competition will be held in three rounds, with the local round beginning on October 28th.

For more information about how to be a part of NESC, please email us at

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Implementing Organization

Official Partners
Free University * World Vision * BP * British Council * British Embassy
Rico Credit * U.S. Embassy * American Friendship Club * KODA CEC * ETI

Supporting Organizations
Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia * Peace Corps Georgia * American Corners * CENN * PH International