Issue 3, 2019. June-July



A Czech-Slovak development group has announced a 500 million lari ($185 million) development project in Georgia's Black Sea resort town of Kobuleti. interviewed the project representative in Georgia, Giorgi Sherazadishvili, about the development.

The project, known as the Green Resort, was announced by Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze in late March. The prime minister said the development would be the first in the country to be built on the principle of a green city.

He also said it would be the "largest investment ever made in Adjara" and would become a "calling card for Georgia."

Green Resort's representative in Georgia, Giorgi Sherazadishvili, said the project is already underway and will host its first visitors in three years.

"The parent company of Green Resort, L&R, is no stranger to Georgia. We've been investing here since 2014 - we currently have another large luxury hotel-resort project in Kobuleti. We know the local landscape well," Sherazadishvili said.

One of the first questions that might come to mind is the location - Kobuleti is already one of the west coast's most developed tourism towns, and the addition of another project raises issues of overcrowding and overtourism (a problem faced by many Georgian holiday and tourism destinations already).

Sherazadishvili, however, said overcrowding won't be an issue.

"Our plan is a little bit different from Batumi. We don't plan to build massive skyscrapers for thousands of families. Everything will be low and covered in greenery.

"Moreover, Green Resort will be a part of Kobuleti, but it will also be in its own little bubble, just a few minutes by car to Kobuleti proper," he said.

"As for Kobuleti, we like the area. We've known for a long time that it is an attractive destination and recreational area - we've been building in both Shekvetili and Kobuleti.

"What was important for us was the local landscape. It's hard to find a land plot without trees or excessive vegetation - now we want trees, we want lots of greenery, but we want to be able to design the space ourselves..." Sherazadishvili said.

The project is ambitious, and plans to include a large five-star hotel with over 200 rooms, more than 100 villa-style apartments, a nine-hole golf course, sports grounds, a gym, a recreational complex, shopping centers and the "biggest spa in Europe."

"Green Resort hopes that the array of activities and services available to guests and apartment owners will make it a four-season destination.

"People will want to stay here throughout the year, not just the summer. In winter there will be helicopter flights to take tourists and residents to ski resorts, while a Czech company will be brought in to provide trips across Georgia as well in other seasons."