Issue 5, 2018. October-November


Investment News provides a brief update on investments and changes in government policy that could impact the business environment. The information in this issue was taken from, a government- supported website, and other sources.
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Innovators and Disruptors: Ideas to Bring Change

Georgian entrepreneurs are pushing the country's development forward. This column is about how Georgia's best and brightest are challenging the limits of technology and the market to create the businesses that will change our lives today and shape our future. In this issue,'s Nino Bakradze spoke with's Mari Gelashvili about a startup that hopes to make the internet accessible for every Georgian family.
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PM Lobbies for Free Trade Deal with United States

Georgia hopes to further strengthen its strong us bond with free trade agreement.
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The Benefits of Free Trade with the Georgian Republic

This editorial by Mamuka Tsereteli has been reprinted from The Washington Times,
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Georgia Weighs Legal Cannabis Production for Export

The Georgian government has pledged to hold public discussions on a draft law that would legalize cannabis production for export. While there is strong opposition to the proposal in some quarters, the ruling Georgian Dream Party believes implementing forward-thinking legislation today will help deal with the drug addiction problem in the country and strengthen the economy.
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Tbilisi Bets on New Rules for Safer Taxis

Several changes are underway to regulate the taxi market and provide better safety guarantees for passengers.
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New Digital Bank Expands Georgian Banking's Reach

TBC Bank detailed its fast-growing cloud-based neobank and a new partnership with Azerbaijan's Nikoil Bank in its H1 report to London-based financial analysts.
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New Deal to Strengthen Georgia's Financial Market

Six large Georgian companies have signed a deal with Clearsteam Banking to handle corporate bond transactions. Brokers say the deal is a milestone for Georgia's financial market.
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Georgia Drafts "European" Customs Code

The Georgian government has presented the draft of a new customs code, developed in cooperation with the European Union's Taxation and Customs Unit. spoke with transit and shipping experts about the weaknesses in the current code and their expectations for the new draft.
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Untapped Potential for Made in Georgia Apparel

A recent study by KPMG found Georgia has significant competitive advantages for foreign investors interested in manufacturing footwear and bags, especially for export products destined for the EU.
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IMF Upbeat on Georgian Economy

The International Monetary Fund has revised projects for Georgia's GDP growth in 2018, raising it from 4.8 percent to 5.5 percent. spoke with IMF Resident Representative to Georgia Francois Painchaud about the revised projection.
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The Best Minds In The Business: Famous Economists Weigh In On Georgia

In the fifth article in this series, spoke with Niklas Dornbusch, who coordinates the German Economic Team Georgia; IMF Resident Representative to Georgia, Francois Painchaud; and Head of Macroeconomic Policy Research Center at ISET Policy Institute Yaroslava Babych to weigh in on the potential impact of the growing cryptocurrency mining operations in Georgia.
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